Vaping Vs. Dabbing – The Main Differences

In the thousands of years since people started smoking marijuana, they have always decided to smoke in a tube or roll it in a joint. In fact, the countless methods we invented to smoke the substance seem to be almost as old as the substance itself. However, as cannabis use in the mainstream is becoming increasingly important, smoking has been associated with two other modes of administration as the dominant means of absorption:

  1. Vaping
  2. Dabbing

For traditionalists, this new way of using cannabis may seem unnecessary. Because if the plant smokes for millennia, what’s the point? As a result, the reasons are numerous. Dabbing and Vaping has unique benefits that are not found in traditional methods of smoking cannabis.


When Vaping What Do You Inhale

The most important difference between using a portable vaporizer and smoking dried herbs is the actual substance that the consumer inhales: vapor to smoke. Smoke occurs when a device with or without battery puts the heating element in direct contact with the used substance. As a result, the dried grass is burned and smoke is produced, a process is known as burning. Vaporization occurs when hot air is expelled through dried herb blossoms, absorbing their chemical compounds in a manner that generates the THC-laden vapor. Vaping is known to be much less impressive than smoke: after the user exhales from a vaporizer, the aroma lingers for a moment and disappears almost immediately. This is called convection heating.

Vaporization with portable convection oven evaporators, such as E-CLIPSE or Yocan iShred High Power, has a number of advantages over more traditional smoking techniques, such as joints and bongs. It starts with the health factor. The vapor is much lighter in the lungs of the consumer than the smoke and it is unlikely that so many coughing fits will be triggered. There is also the question of discretion. When you use a dry herbal vaporizer, especially in places that are not meant to do this, it is often of the utmost importance to be discreet. The smell of vaporizers is a definite advantage for people who want to survive, but they do not want anyone wiser.

Vaporizers also have several advantages over more traditional smoking methods. For starters, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are smaller and easier-to-wear combustion style options, such as the Pocket Vape or the Atmos Jr Vape Pen, which may be furtive because of their smaller frames. There are also the largest and most modern convection oven options. These steam pens, like Stoner Joe or Apex 2.0, not only have the benefit of convection oven technology but also equipped with customizable temperature settings. This feature essentially allows consumers to control the rate at which they spray their dried herbs and to determine the rate at which they are using their battery.


Vaping Vs. Dabbing

Unlike the technologically advanced world of dry herb vaporizers, the dabbing phenomenon is relatively simple. The user uses a range of low-tech materials to create a clean and delicious vapor. The whole process begins with a so-called cleaning team. Similar to a small bong in shape, the advanced equipment is the water-filled device through which the user inhales the Vape. This room is heated with a flashlight until it is hot red. After waiting for between 20 and 40 seconds, the consumer touches a piece of wax or breaks the nail, immediately generating a vapor that the consumer inhales through the equipment. Nails without Domest can consist of different materials. Some nails, such as the Small 10 Mm Long Titanium Nail, are made of fast-moving metals that can heat up faster, saving the consumer time when using the flashlight. Other nails-free nails such as the 14mm male quartz nail or the replaceable non-ceramic nail are made with materials that emphasize the taste of Vaping on the rate of heating time. We know that ceramic and glass often produce Vape tastes better than materials like steel or titanium.

Portable tools are also available for the most practical consumer. Yocan Torch, for example, is a portable nail with its own battery. If you want to do without the torches and nails that are required during normal extinguishing, you can opt for a more technologically advanced approach. One of the major differences between the use of joints or bongs or vaporizers is that it works exclusively with cannabis extracts. Materials such as waxes and shatter can be quickly vaporized using the method of blowtorch-and-nail, while dried herbs would not produce nearly the amount of Vaping produced. Another difference between using dabbing and other ways of using cannabis is that it damages the colossal that consumers can get with just one pull. A considerable amount of wax concentrate, which in itself is much more powerful than normal dry herbs administered through the drying process, provides a much more immediate, powerful and lasting effect than other common usage methods.


In summary, dabbing and vaporization has a number of advantages that are not prevalent in the more traditional ways of using herbs and dry waxes.

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