Vape Pen For Mom – What to Get?

First of all, I do not have much experience with Vaping, even though I’ve been Vaping for about a year and a half. (Since then I’ve stopped Vaping). I have just tried two products. At first it was a VaporFi rocket, another was a SmokAlien. I had no problem with the hardness, but I also used only 12 mg. Your mom could be a heavy smoker. You could think that you had found a good Vape pen, but after doing some research I found that she could not handle the 18mg juice without being very hard. The question could be here: What is a good and simple Vape pen for a mom that can hold 18 mg of juice? I would buy you a box mod, but I think it might be a bit too complex for her. I do not know how she would handle all the settings.

Are you a new vaper and have to choose among many devices? Well, don’t be. We are here for you to help you out in this time of need. Selecting from a variety of items with little basic knowledge of what you are buying can be a difficult time. We totally understand that is why we are here with this review about the comparison of two of the most talked about devices for starters. The SMOK Stick V8 and the Juul. These two are considered as the best for any mom can get if she is a starter or she is trying to quit smoking. Each of these two has its own pros and cons. We are going to discuss them in the right amount of depth so that you can have ease in making your decision.


SMOK V8 kit

Let’s start with the SMOK Stick V8. It has an elegant design. A battery that has quite a reputation among devices which are suitable for starters. The nicotine hit is also quite considerable. If you are a fresh starter or if you are aiming to quit smoking and shift to Vaping, then maybe SMOK Stick V8 is a sane option for you. Available in a variety of looks, the SMOK Stick V8 gives a stylish look as compared a typical cigarette and it has an adjustable airflow as well. Which means you can control the hit of nicotine and the glass container allows you to see how much liquid is still available. Its capacity of 5ml and a size of 56* 24.5 mm give it a good look and grip. It has a stainless steel construction which means that is tough and it has an impressive battery of 3000mah. The battery duration is the best thing that catches you at the beginning no? It can be charged with a micro USB cable and it does not have a screen so you don’t have to bother. Just vape and enjoy. Though online review said that it has an easy filling and coil changing system but for a beginner, we believe it can be a little confusing. A beginner who just started Vaping would definitely need to enjoy the concept of Vaping first. Later he can dive into things like coils and temperatures and mixes and stuff.

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(Stick V8 full review here)


Vape Pen For Mom

Now let’s talk about the second option that we put in front of you. Juul. What an awesome device. It fits perfectly in your hand. Why? Because it is designed to do so. Yes, we understand that you might miss your old cigarette but the build of this device is so unique and futuristic that you would totally forget your cigarette. If the SMOK Stick V8 gives a good battery time, well, it needs a long charging time as well. But when we look at this beauty, the Juul, it is so simple to use and so simple to understand that you just fall in love with it. It is a little weaker than its contender with respect to battery timing but hey, it charges pretty faster than it too. Now, let’s come to the main part. How does it feel? Well, it feels awesome. It does what it is made for and it does that perfectly. It has massive hits of nicotine which is craved for by many smokers who are in the process of quitting. It has a variety of tastes and flavor which you can try. You have the famous American tobacco flavor which is preferred by most of the smokers who are trying to quit traditional smoking cigarettes. You also have the famous Crème Brulee. A review online ranked it as the best among their offered flavors. Other tastes like fruit medley which comprises of peaches, grapes, and berries, could not get a good review as compared to the already mentioned two. Cool mint is also a flavor which comes with the Juul. The quality of the Juul can be assessed by the fact that since 2016, its arrival in the market, many have tried to copy its elegance and simplicity. But none have yet beaten it. It’s genuinely pure. Juul is so simple to charge that you can even charge it from your laptop or the desktop computer! One very big advantage of Vaping with Juul is that you don’t need to care for a switch button. Unlike SMOK Stick V8, don’t need to press a button; you just inhale like you would do on a normal cigarette and let the Juul do its thing.

Get Juul vape


We have tested both the items in details and with many different flavors. The results were clearly inclined though. Yes, the SMOK Stick V8 is a good device. Yes, it has many advantages. But one big drawback is that it is not that much for new users and they would get confused by its using method. On the other hand, our vote clearly goes to the great Juul. Yes, a Juul is definitely the only thing a smoker who is trying to stop should buy. It can be expensive, but it will give you what you want. The Pods are quite expensive, but if you want, you can buy a bottle of juice and fill it if you want, which would cut the cost. Simple, elegant, handy, portable, easy to use. What else would a new Vaper need from his Vaping device? Not to mention the awesome collection of flavors as well.  So if you believe that you are ready to start Vaping by getting your device, we recommend you give another read to our article and choose. We told you what we liked, but you have all the rights to disagree and go for something totally different.

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