Intro to Vaping CBD

CBD is something that is growing in popularity and will surely come across your radar sooner than later. You may get introduced to it from a friend or learn about it from an informational site, such as this one. No matter where you learn about cannabidiol oil from, it’s important that you know about all the different options. There are several ways to administer CBD, but we’re going to focus on the different way’s you can vape it.

Intro to Vaping CBD

CBD E-Liquid

One of the easiest ways you can vape CBD is through getting a high-quality CBD e-liquid. If you are already a vaper, this is by far the most convenient way to use CBD. You won’t have to buy anything but the actual vape juice. With the other methods, you’ll have to buy more than just the CBD.

There are two different ways you can vape cannabidiol e-juice. You can buy CBD e-liquid or you can buy a CBD additive that you can add to whichever juice you’re currently vaping. I personally prefer the e-liquid to the additive. The additives are usually way overpriced and don’t provide as strong of a serving.


Dabbing CBD is an easy way to get a strong serving. You can get a whole serving in one puff. With dabs, you will get a lot more vapor and the CBD content is also much stronger. That’s why you can get a whole serving in one puff.

Compared to e-liquid, dabbing is more efficient but also more inconvenient. To get a strong one-hit dose with dabbing wax, you’ll need to purchase a dab rig. These can be quite expensive and clunky. They’re fairly big and would be almost impossible to use on the go. The portability of dab rigs is awful. You could try to use a miniature dab rig that’s meant to be portable, but it still is not meant to be used while moving.

CBD e-liquid is more convenient because you can use it while you’re walking down the street. It’s easy to take with you on the go and can be used anywhere vaping is allowed. Dabbing is best for in the house or at a friend’s house.

Vape Cartridges

The final method of vaping CBD is via pre-filled cartridges. Using cartridges provides a nice mix of portability and potency. They usually come in 1mL or 0.5mL, which makes them smaller than any vape pen or mod on the market. That makes cartridges the most portable option when it comes to vaping CBD.

Usually smaller size means less strength in the world of vaping. But with CBD, that’s not the case. The small cartridges are actually stronger than their larger e-liquid counterpart. The cartridges are filled with pure CBD oil whereas the e-liquids are mixed with carrier oils like vegetable¬†glycerin (VG) and propylene¬†glycol (PG). The carrier oils dilute the strength of the CBD, making it weaker than the pure cartridges. You will be able to get more vapor in each pull with the e-liquid, but it’ll contain less CBD.

Which Is Best For You

The good thing about these three methods of vaping CBD is that they all work. It doesn’t matter if you become a dabbing machine or prefer a sleek and concealable CBD cartridge. All that matters is that you are using high-quality CBD. Which method you use is just a matter of preference. If you would like to learn more about the pros and cons of each method, visit¬† and follow their guides.

Generally, dabbing is for more advanced users and people who need a really strong serving. This is usually the smallest group of users. Most people opt for the CBD cartridges since they are for beginners. The e-liquid is best for people who are currently vaping and would like to leverage their current devices and knowledge.

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