Is Vaping a Friend or Foe for an athlete?

Have you ever seen sports or athletes being associated with smoking?  There don’t match somehow. The closest we have seen them in when Michael Jordan was holding a cigar and posing for the camera with the cigar in his mouth after winning his NBA championships. Other than this you might not have seen smoking and sports being associated. If you are a basketball player and can’t decide which shoes are the best then visit OneCrack best basketball shoes. OneCrack is always one step ahead when it comes to sports. Can you imagine taking a puff of a cigarette and then running as part of an exercise routine?  Doesn’t seem so desirable right? You might be getting images of the person coughing and gasping for air in your head.

Why Smoking is bad for Athletes

Smoking is bad for athletes for 3 reasons.

  1. Heart Rate: Smoking usually increases the heart rate which is usually because of nicotine. When the baseline rate of the heart is increased it mostly means a reduction in the maximum rate of the heart. Athletes work best when their baseline heart in increased above normal for providing fuel to their movements.
  2. Blood Pressure: Nitric oxide is the chemical in your body that relaxes and dilates your blood vessels. This makes more blood flowing and delivering extra oxygen to the muscles of athletes. Smoking does not let nitric oxide be formed in the body.
  3. Lung capacity: This one is affected a lot by smoking. Smoking hinders the ability of the lungs to expand which means less amount of oxygen. This is usually due to degradation and inflammation of the lung tissue caused by smoking.

Vaping Friend or Foe

We are conscious that smoking is injurious to health and that it has ruthless and severe effects on athletes as well. Smoking is associated with poor health. It deviates their health on the right path. Many long-term studies are not on the topic of whether vaping is good or bad for athletes yet there are certain factors that are in its favor. The first thing that can be considered in the lung capacity as vaping doesn’t affect lungs the way smoking does. Tar is not there for harming the lungs in the process of vaping and some anecdotal evidence has shown that people breathe better when they quit smoking and start vaping. The other thing is that carbon monoxide is not included in vaping. Carbon monoxide is harmful in the sense that it shifts oxygen in the blood and decreases the speed of its delivery to other parts in the body. When you are vaping you get more oxygen as compared to when you are smoking. Vaping has assisted many people to quit smoking. So we would definitely say that its friend that brings you out of the deep shady dungeons of smoke and propels you to walk on a healthy journey of life.

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