SMOK Alien VS. Devilkin Kit

Based on the rapid increase in demand for vapes around the globe, many companies have decided to pop up and begin manufacturing these much wanted items. Companies around the globe have initiated their own factories and are constantly trying to bring something new to the market to out-style and out-class the products that have already been well received. Some of the major factors that vape users look at when deciding which vape to purchase is the battery power, the technology used, the style and shape and lastly but not the least, the ease of use of these electronic cigarettes.

SMOK Alien VS. Devilkin KitOne such company that has sky rocketed to the top of the charts is SMOK. The company was found in 2010 in Shenzen IVPS Technology Co Limited, a professional in research and development, production as well as sales of electronic cigarettes across the globe. This company offers a variety of kits – from starter level vapors to the ultimate level and e-liquid. In just seven short years, this company has gained over 80 million customers, making it the first class global brand in the electronic cigarette industry. SMOK has top class products for all the different types of vapers, and along with this, also offer a community service where e-cigarette enthusiasts can get together and share ideas and opinions and discuss their experiences.

For the past two years, SMOK has dominated the e-cigarette markets with its product named the SMOK Alien Kit. As the name suggests, this piece came with highly up to date and out of this world technology features. Its USB port, easily visible OLED screen and clickly buttons made this device a favorite among e-cigarette enthusiasts worldwide. However, recently SMOK has claimed to up the game even higher with its new device – called the SMOK Devilkin. The name resonating with the idea of incarnation and a born warrior, the specs of this product are supposedly such that it could leave the Alien Kit biting the dust. It promises a better screen, a better power outage and a revolutionary tank. However, does this product really perform better than the classic and widely loved Alien Kit? We will compare some of the basic features of the two and leave the decision in your hands.

SMOK Alien  SMOK Devilkin 
Size 85mm by 44mm by 30mm 86 x 49.6 x 34.2mm
Wattage 6-220W 1-225W
Batteries 2x 18650 2x 18650
Tank Capacity 3ml 8ml (2ml EU)

The Size and the Style

One of the first things you notice is how the Devilkin is slightly taller than the Alien Kit, 86 mm compared to the original 85 mm. The width however, is clearly greater with 49.6 mm on the Devilkin and 44mm on the Alien. SMOK has given the Devilkin kit a characteristic style, using an aggressive blade face keeping in touch with the theme of the warrior with this one. There is a marked difference in this and the rhombus look of the Alien that people around the world have come to recognize and love, it will be a matter of time and patience to see if the new style catches up or not. Both kits are available in a variety of colors and allow a great deal of personalization. The Devilkin kit comes with a curved lateral body and with a blade shaped front to show off its elegant lines. In comparison to this, the Alien kit comes off bleak in comparison because while the style is top notch, it isn’t something that users haven’t seen before. SMOK really put in extra effort to ensure the style factor of the Devilkin is fully covered.

Tanks and Coils

SMOK Alien VS. Devilkin Kit

The Devilkin hosts the TFV12 Prince Vape tank which has an 8ml convex glass juice capacity with a honeycomb drop trip and is available in a variety of colors. This tank comes with one of SMOKs newest designs, the TFV12 Prince Coils, which offer a huge influx over the vaping style. These new, latest in the market tanks promise to offer a completely new and fresh experience characterized by massive clouds, rich flavor and smooth air flow. In comparison to this, the SMOK Alien Kit has a SMOK TFV8 Baby Best tank, which might not be as recent as the Devilkin tank but has stolen the hearts of many vapers around the globe. While it comes in less colors as compared to the Prince Tank, its simple style and clean design is a huge plus. The calibration and design of the baby beast have been done to ensure that this tank also proves to be a complete cloud beast – the baby beast. The TFV8 Baby Beast coils are also easily available and have proved their worth.

Battery and Technical Specs

The battery power used by both of these kits is the same – the dual 18650. However, while the Alien’s fire power comes at 220 W, the Devilkin takes the lead with 225 W. The Devilkin also has the ‘Memory Mode’ feature that allows more personalization of your vape kit. Features such as temperature control and variable wattage are found in both these kits as well. The Alien Kit offers a variety of modes that make it easier to choose your preference when it comes to experimenting and trying different types of coils. Devilkin’s screen, however, is a more updated version which gives a more modern look, however the information offered on the screen for both the kits is huge.


For people that have been in love with SMOK products since the beginning, it makes sense that not only have they used and loved the Alien Kit series, but have gotten used to and adapted to the kit. While the specs of the Alien series are all top notch, SMOK recently introduced the Devilkin series and admitted themselves that this product promises to outshine the Alien kits. This is true to some extent in cases such as the battery power, the OLED display and even the sleek design. We find that SMOK has brought on this new product with added features and all the features that Alien users love, making this a perfect new kit for someone wanting to experiment with a new device.

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