How vapers feel about the vilification of e-cigs?

So first of all, what needs to be made clear is what exactly an e-cigarette is. While there are a lot of people with a lot of different definitions for this product, according to the US Patent application, an e-cigarette is defined as “an electronic atomization cigarette that functions as substitutes [sic] for quitting smoking and cigarette substitutes.” Basically this device atomizes a liquid that holds certain amount of nicotine and the claim is that because the concentration of nicotine is comparatively less than that of a normal cigarette, it allows a smoker to slowly start getting used to less nicotine, and hence, eventually end the habit.

The e-cigarettes were a concept initially created by a Chinese pharmacist and while China still stands as the largest e-cigarette producer in the world, the concept of e-cigarettes has swept over all parts of Europe and the USA. Because the market for this product has nearly doubled year on year (namely, from 2010 to 2011), researchers and health care workers have gotten very skeptic about this device that is claiming to be a solution to all cigarette related problems.

As expected, when something starts to take the nation by storm, you can’t expect it to be all smooth sailing. There have been a lot of attacks on the idea of e-cigarettes and many of them coming from people that don’t seem to know enough about the product. This is what makes vapers so frustrated because a little research into the matter would clear out all such misunderstanding. Many vapers believe that because people making these false claims and vilifying e-cigarettes are in reality unaware of the true potential of this device, they are causing people that could eventually quit smoking with the use of this device, or those that are considering the healthier option of the electronic cigarette, will be led astray.

Hence, it is important to clear out the basic misunderstandings regarding the e-cigarette to ensure that a lot of people have their facts straight. While it is true that with the onset of e-cigarettes, the number of people smoking has risen over the course of the year, it is also important to understand that the number of people that have opted for the safer option of using the e-cigarette has also increase. Below, we clear out some of the basic misunderstandings that have been caused due to the vilification of the electronic cigarette.

So the first, very important thing to understand is that there are other products out there that look like and might have similar function to the electronic cigarette. However, it is not necessary that they have the same specifications as the e-cigarette. The e-cigarette is something you can get at a gas station store, they come with filled cartridges that can be replaced. The second type is the APV, or the Advanced Personal Vaporizer, that is more slender in shape and also a little heavy on the pocket, you can get these for about $100. The third type is a bit smaller and is called the Mod can be more expensive and produce more vapor than either of the two other products. While the nicotine ratio is more in the last two products, the e-cigarette offers very less nicotine and is definitely the healthier option as compared to the conventional cigarette.

Secondly, people that try to tear down the fact that the contents of e-cigarettes remains a mystery don’t seem to understand that these products are all made indigenously and can be found with a little research in the right direction. The e-liquid has 4 main ingredients and they can all be referenced and checked. There is no rocket science too it, rather it seems like a strategy to try to ward people off for reasons that don’t even exist. There are been a number of researches done into the ingredients that make up the perfect e-juice and so, it has also been researched that once these ingredients are vaporized, they cause absolutely no harm.

Thirdly, people tend to believe that there is a very high level of nicotine in their vapes and while that could be true for some people, there are also many vapes that work on minimal to no nicotine levels. There is a very clear reason for this gradient. One of the main aims of the e-cigarette is that it helps smokers quit smoking. It is also a very well-known fact that an addict should not quit cold turkey. This is why there are a variety of nicotine levels available in the market. For people that are used to the high levels of nicotine in the normal cigarettes, it would be easier from them to begin with a vape that offers a similar amount and then slowly and gradually reduce to no nicotine levels. But to conclude that the nicotine levels are higher than cigarettes is a very misinformed fact by people that should do more research into the matter.

So basically there are two major schools of thought when it comes to electronic cigarette.  People will either claim that the smoke that emits from these vapes is worse than cigarette smoke or completely harmless. But that is the beauty of these devices, you actually get to decide the amount of nicotine you want to smoke and hence, you decide how harmful the smoke will be. But on a regular case, the smoke is definitely less harmful than that of a normal cigarette, because even if you disregard the amount of nicotine, there is no denying the fact that in an electronic cigarette, there isn’t any burning taking place, just vaporizing due to the atomizer.

So, from all the vapers out there, people that want to bad mouth this should probably do a little more research and get their facts straight since this is a brilliant device that is a healthier alternative and helps quit smoking.

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