Sour Gummies – Delta 8 THC 300MG

Sour Gummies - Delta 8 THC 300MG

Delta 8 TCH sour gummies are one of the products by Delta 8 TCH. They come in great flavours, the orange Sativa flavour and the berry white indica flavor and each of these are small cube shapes. Of all the Delta 8 TCH products, Delta 8 THC Edible Sour gummies are the most potent pure hemp-derived edibles. The product is one of the seven Delta 8 THC products with psychotropic properties derived from hemp. The Delta 8 TCH sour gummies are gluten-free, and each edible gummy is packed with 33mg of D-8 THC. Each whooping 300mg bottle comes with nine pieces of Delta 8 TCH sour gummies. A Delta 8 THC sour gummy features 33g of Delta 8 THC and CBC and CBN for maximum effects. The vegan gummies are derived from pure non-GMO hemp.

About the product

Delta 8 sour gummies come in small cube-shaped shapes. Each Delta 8 sour gummy contains 33mg of Delta 8 TCH. There are two gummy flavours; the berry white indica flavour and the orange Sativa flavour. The berry white indica flavour is good for sleep hence taken at night. The orange Sativa flavour is taken during the daytime as it’s good for staying awake. Each gummy gives the user a powerfully uplifting and motivating feeling. The sour gummies are low in carb, making them one of the highly-sought-after edibles in the market. The body also experiences a warm, calming effect upon taking a Delta 8 sour gummy. Like any Delta 8 TCH product, the gummies have antiemetic, anxiolytic, appetite-stimulating, analgesic, and neuroprotective properties. They have no Delta 9 TCH in them. Corn Syrup, Sugar Beets, Water, Flavoring, Fruit Derived Pectin, Gelatin, Coconut Oil, Leaf Wax, Delta 8 THC Distillate are the ingredients used in making the Delta 8 sour gummies. Delta 8 sour gummies are served in half or one gummy at a time. Refrigerate the gummies’ bag once it is opened.


The Delta 8 TCH sour gummies have many features that make it one of the best vegan edibles by the Delta 8 TCH. The sour gummies have the following features;  

  1. Free and fast delivery

Delta 8 sour gummies are delivered freely for any order above $50. A delivery takes 3-5working days. This is only possible if your country allows the purchase and use of Delta 8 products.

  1. Safety

Like other Delta 8 products, Delta 8 TCH sour gummies are derived from pure hemp. The gummies are natural and safe. The hemp plants used are non-GMO, guaranteeing more safety.

  1. Low gluten content

Delta 8 sour gummies remain to be the best vegan edibles in the market because of their low-gluten content. These crave-able gummies are the most potent, robust edibles and the best, yet with low-fat content.

  1. Legal

Delta 8 sour gummies are legal. In making them, Delta 8 observes the 0.3% federally allowed hemp level.


Delta 8 provides some precautions to take into consideration while taking Delta 8 sour gummies. The precautions include;

  • Stay away from Delta 8 gummies while operating machinery or driving. Delta 8 products can cause intoxicating effects.
  • Do not use the gummies for any means not recommended by the doctor.
  • Do not use the Delta 8 sour gummies if pregnant, nursing, diagnosed, or undiagnosed with health conditions.
  • Use the gummies only if 18 or 21years depending on the laws of your country.
  • Do not use Delta 8 THC gummies if you have heart, eye, or blood-related issues. The products may affect blood pressure, heart rate, and/or intraocular pressure in some people.
  • Do not chew the gummies when going for a drug test. The drugs will show positive and fail the test.
  • Do not use the Delta 8 TCH sour gummies to treat, heal, or cure any disease.

Delta 8 sour gummies’ non-heat resistance

If due to high temperatures, your gummies melt into a single gummy blob, freeze the bag for one hour, open the bag and cut into two equal pieces.  A gram scale is to be used for precision in dosage.

The Manufacturer

Delta 8 TCH is the Delta 8 sour gummies’ manufacturer. Delta 8 businesses have been vastly misinterpreted in the market. Consequently, the manufacturers have focused on cannabinoid research to ensure that their products are high quality, safe, and pure. The industry is solely based on hemp, and all the products are natural and plant-based. The Delta 8 business is continuously innovating new products. Right now, there are seven products the industry deals in. Apart from the gummies, there are vape cartridges, disposables, gummies, distillate oil, and tinctures.

Delta 8 TCH sour gummies – meant for whom?

Any Delta 8 enthusiast above 21years can take Delta 8 sour gummies.


Chewing Delta 8 sour gummies have effects that vary from person to person and include the following;

  • A calmness that allows maximum focus optimized
  • Stress symptoms managed
  • Exercise recovery enhanced
  • Every day’s wellness routine complemented
  • Uplifted spirit and motivation felt

The price

Buying Delta 8 sour gummies will cost you $19.99, a drop from the initial $34.99. If you buy the product now, you save $15.00. Imagine a 42.87% and still get one of the highly-sought-after vegan edibles!

The shipping exclusions

Delta 8 freely ships its products to any countries that have legalized them within 3-5working days. Some states like Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, Utah, have not legalized the products. Thus, the company will not ship you the products upon ordering.


The following are the advantages associated with Delta 8 sour gummies chewing;

  • Your stress symptoms will be alleviated.
  • You will experience an uplifting and motivating feeling.
  • You will sleep well if you take the orange Sativa flavour.
  • You will complement your exercise routine.
  • You will experience a calming sensation.


Delta 8 TCH sour gummies have the following disadvantages;

  • Not to be used by pregnant or nursing women.
  • Not to be taken when handling machinery or driving.
  • Not to be taken if you have eye, heart, or blood-related issues.
  • Not to be used when heading for a drug test.


Delta 8 TCH sour gummies are one of the many products by Delta 8. At affordable prices, you can enjoy these crave-able gluten-free gummies. Any Delta 8 enthusiast and leaves in a country that has legalized Delta 8 products can enjoy the gummies.

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