The Best Natural Tobacco E-Liquid Flavors in the World

Transitioning from traditional combustible tobacco sticks to vaping can be a big step. According to studies, vaping is less harmful and gives you more control of the heat and cloud. The past few years have seen tremendous evolution of both vaporizers (vape pens) and e-liquid. You can try nuleaf cbd oil dosage for better results.

Today you can find a wide variety of flavors, including natural tobacco leaf extracts and synthetic flavorings. With so many options to choose from, finding a favorite will require testing different flavors and products. You can even find e-liquid flavor that tastes like your favorite cigarette brands, desserts, fruits, and meal of the day.

How to pick the best natural tobacco e-liquid

As you will discover, choosing e-liquid is mainly subjective as everyone has their unique preferences. Although no flavor suits everybody, the best offers have various hallmarking traits you can use to distinguish them from others. It is essential to take some time and compare different flavors and brands before finding your favorite. The easiest way is to find and compare brand-inspired e-liquid. Some of the critical areas to examine include:

  1. Market reputation

If you want the best natural tobacco e-liquid, you need to purchase high-quality products from retailers that can guarantee original formulas from the manufacturer. The easiest way to determine if the retailer will meet your needs is through market reputation and reviews. Look up customer reviews and what other people think about the e-juice. Reputable brands and high-quality e-juice that provide memorable experiences and flavors will have a positive reputation in the market. Pay close attention to the cons other vapers bring up as this will help you learn more about the brand, product, and flavor.

  • Pure tobacco vs. mixed blends

E-liquid flavors range from fruity to food-based and tobacco blends. Manufacturers also offer characteristics that are quite similar to popular brands. Before purchasing any flavors, it is essential to determine if the e-liquid contains pure extracts from tobacco varieties or also includes fruit and dessert flavors. There is no specific combination that will provide the best flavor. However, experts cite that natural tobacco extracts offer a more close taste to a regular cigarette. If you prefer a single flavor in your e-juice, then you should stick to single-flavor options instead of blends.

  • Nicotine strength

Whether you choose to go for CBD e liquid full spectrum or individual ones, the nicotine strength can significantly impact how you perceive the taste and flavor while vaping. If the e-liquid has low nicotine strength, you will have to vape much longer to be satisfied. This can either spoil your experience or leave you with a bad taste. Like regular cigarette brands, you will begin to lose flavor after smoking several cigarettes in a single session. Unless you like to smoke a pack or more per day, it is recommendable to find e-juices with low to medium nicotine strength (5mg – 18mg). On the other hand, if you do smoke a lot, start with e-liquids that contain medium to high nicotine strength (18mg – 36mg).

  • PG vs. VG carriers

PG and VG refer to the carrier oil or solvent containing your e-liquid flavors, nicotine, and other compounds. PG stands for Propylene Glycerol, which offers more flavor as it is light. However, PG e-liquids also tend to produce weaker vapor. Vegetable Glycerol (VG) provides a musty thicker vapor and blends perfectly with natural flavors. Vegetable scents also tend to musk the character and are not as defined as PG e-liquids. You can find e-liquid that is either PG or VG. Some offers include a 50/50 combination of the two. As such, there is no limit on the variable flavors manufacturers can come up with using the same ingredients.

Top 3 best natural tobacco e-liquid flavor

1. Five Pawns Elo Tobacco

Elo, by Five Pawns, is one of the names you will come across when looking for premium natural tobacco flavors. Since its inception, the tobacco-inspired juice has become the zenith of modern tobacco flavors. Five Pawns have also won various awards for their premium e-juice. It comes from Brazilian tobacco leaves and provides a smooth, earthy taste. The e-liquid also features a hint of citrus, which provides an authentic taste and refreshing exhale. Elo is robust and rich in flavor. You can also find different variations and blends.

2. Solace Vapor Creamy Tobacco

Creamy tobacco offers a unique experience that can enliven your vaping sessions. It combines the primary tobacco flavor with vanilla, nuts, and custard. The e-juice offers core tobacco flavor that gradually builds on with smooth sweet dessert aromas to leave you with a wonderful after-taste. As a salt e-juice, Solace Vapor has a 50/50 PG/VG combination with high nicotine content. This is an excellent addition if you are testing out available options. Creamy tobacco uses high-quality tobacco extracts with essences from different natural flavors and nuts.

3. Hazelnut Element Tobacco

If you are looking for variety, Hazelnut Element is among the best offers you will come across. They offer a wide variety of flavors including candy, fruit, dessert, and tobacco among others. Hazelnut is reputable for its aromatic flavor and sweet taste. It also features subtle undertones. The manufacturers use American tobacco leaves sun-cured to provide the characteristic sweet taste. Warm hazelnut enrichments complement the tobacco to provide a unique natural flavor comparable to none other in the market.


There are several other reputable natural tobacco flavors available with online retailers. However, it is unlikely that you will find any e-liquid flavor that meets all your needs. As it stands, e-liquids cannot adequately replicate the conventional cigarette stick experience. Natural tobacco flavors come close to providing this taste, but several other factors affect the overall flavor. Having a high-quality, well-maintained vaporizer, for instance, can help you recognize the real character of the e-liquid. If you are new to vaping, you will gain more from testing existing options, including pure tobacco and mixed blends.

Nevertheless, some brands consistently provide high-quality e-juice flavors and combinations. It is important to choose credible retailers and brands that can guarantee top-quality e-liquid. Other essential areas to observe include vape pen efficiency and hygiene, as well as the age of the e-liquid.

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