Vaping in a Car – Is it legal?

What is the most dangerous activity you do every day?

After the hard and cold data, take the wheel of your car. This may seem surprising in view of the level of safety that most vehicles have today, but where the dangers still exist, and more than ever, thanks to Smartphone and other electronic devices. Driving on the highway at 70 mph can cause a serious accident by getting off the road long enough to watch your phone or change songs. That’s why it’s never a good idea to send and drive text messages.

But what about vaping and driving? Is it illegal to Vape and drive?

Due to the growing number of accidents caused by distracted drivers, many states have banned the use of portable electronic devices while driving. These laws specifically target the use of cell phones, GPS systems, iPods and MP3 players while driving, but leave plenty of room for further interpretation.

Do you use a vaporizing cigarette while driving illegally? Technically no. There are no laws prohibiting vaping and driving. However, in many places it is up to local authorities to determine what they consider potentially dangerous and disruptive “portable electronic devices“.

It’s a lesson that a New York head of state learned the worst way to after using it vaporizer to operate its vehicle. The police officer testified that the man broke the law by using a “portable electronic device” while driving.

Safety tips

In the end, it is up to each person to weigh the risks of evaporation while driving. However, if you choose to drive, we ask that you follow some basic safety instructions to avoid accident:

  • Spraying the steering wheel is usually enough, but it’s never a good idea to fill the orange juice, change the batteries and drizzle. Make sure your evaporator is fully installed before the vehicle moves, or stop the vehicle if necessary.

vaping in a car

  • DO NOT try to prepare or tune your vaporizer when sitting in a red traffic light or in a traffic jam. This removes the view of the road and can therefore be dangerous.

  • Never dispose of empty evaporator components through the window. This applies to drivers and passengers. These parts can damage car tires and be absorbed by children or animals. In addition, Vaping may not be against the law, but the garbage is definitely. Do not be a bug!

vaping in a car

  • Vapors that like large clouds of steam should think twice before taking a ride, otherwise they can fog up. Breaking the window should help reduce this problem, but you cannot completely avoid it.

vaping in a car

  • Basically, all other tips should be natural whenever you are smart, when and where Vape.

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    […] time. Although we are not naive. We know that many of us, especially those who live in states where Vaping and driving are completely legal. Some of you really like it and like to drive and enjoy a certain e-juice while driving. But there […]

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