Vaporesso Revenger Mini Kit Review: Smaller, yet Better

Vaporesso Revenger Mini Kit Review

Out of all vapes, the Vaporesso Revenger Mini Kit is one of the most up to date mods accessible and worthy vape option. The Revenger Mini Kit is an increasingly smaller variant of the Revenger unique. This new model incorporates a solitary 2500mAh inside battery instead of two outer 18650 batteries. A major draw for the Revenger Mini Kit is that it uses the OMNI Board 2.2 and sets with the NRG SE Sub-Ohm Tank.

Excellence in Assembling

The Vaporesso Revenger Mini Kit is the development of the 2 recently discharged mods from Vaporesso. This particular line has immediately gotten the most unmistakable of the Vaporesso brand and has assisted with impelling them into an increasingly predominant situation in the vape business.

The Revenger Mini keeps up the solid suspension of the bigger form and is built with an In-Mold Labeling (IML). The aluminum compound shell makes is intense for life out and about and the new travel-accommodating size makes it significantly more noteworthy than the past models.

A fast charge update has been incorporated with this model. Eliminating the charging time by half from its past models you can get back up to a full charge rapidly. This rendition despite everything utilizes a USB charging with input security. Individuals who utilize 510 cartridges will in general incline toward the Vessel.

Must-Have Flavor

The Revenger Mini Kit pack incorporates a littler variant of one of Vaporesso’s recently included atomizer plans. The NRG SE tank Mini is a shorter and lighter adaptation of the first. This Mini NRG SE tank is accessible in 3.5 mL and 2 mL limit variants. On the off chance that you are searching for a 510-string battery for oil cartridges, we recommend looking at the Tronian Pitron.

The connection between vape mod coils and the vape modes on which vape mods run is something that Vaporesso has been advancing. For instance with this atomizer, specifically, the new GT center coil framework is intended to work with the preset vaping modes: Soft, Normal and High. This framework considers a more extensive scope of flavor profiles directly out of the bundle. You can encounter profoundly serious flavor at the mid to high power levels.

Not exclusively is the Revenger small extraordinary compared to other looking new vape mod units, however, it additionally has entirely decent force adaptability. With this new form being more slender by 5 mm and littler in tallness by 6 mm there is less space for a portion of the more seasoned parts. That is the reason, amazingly, this rendition flaunts a 2500 mAh battery. This inward 2500 mAh battery furnishes the unit with 85 watts.

The lower watt yield right now a consequence of the single inward battery contradicted to the recently included two outside 18650 batteries. The structure of this new model does, be that as it may, incorporate the OMNI board 2.2 chipsets. With this, the unit can work at a fundamentally the same as execution level to the bigger more established adaptation.

Vaporesso Revenger Mini Kit Review

How about we talk specs for a minute here: The voltage goes on the Revenger Mini is 0V-8.5V, the opposition-run is 0.05 – 5 Ω. Its temperature control ranges from 100°C – 315°C/200F – 600F and the yield modes are as followed:

  • Smart VW (H, N, S)
  • CCT, CCW
  • VT(NI/TI/SS)
  • RCT, TCR (M1/M2)
  • BYPASS mode.

The Best of the Bests?

The tank framework and mod are both exceptionally simple to use with the Revenger Mini Kit. The tank framework utilizes a filling plan that makes top recording speedier, simpler, and more release safe than the opposition. This is an unquestionable requirement have in an e-fluid vaporizer – having a vape spill e-juice is not entertainment chaos to need to manage and can destroy your garments. The included tank has a flexible wind stream situated at the base of the tank.

There is an assortment of tradable coils at the diverse Ohm levels that work with the distinctive wattage levels and methods of delicate typical and high. Remembered for the client manual is a graph that causes you to comprehend the best levels for each.


Vaporesso has worked superbly of bringing their most well-known mode down in size to an entirely compact unit. The misfortune in wattage with this littler model is not recognizable as they have incorporated the OMNI board 2.2 chipsets as we referenced before.

The release safe top-fill tank framework and little minimized structure and high form quality make this model one of Vaporesso’s most convenient units. One disadvantage I will address is the refreshed battery utilized right now. The inside 18650 is still quite acceptable, yet it is inward implying that you can’t convey along with additional items for broadened use.


In general I would state that I incline toward this form than the two bigger models that it has advanced from. I for one like the size of this one and for how regularly I vape on some random day the interior 18650 battery is impeccably fine. The presence of this mod with the pleasant interface causes it to feel considerably progressively extravagant that it as of now is. For a vape mod pack that costs just 70 to 80 bucks, I will say this is a lot.

The menu framework gives you an extremely wide scope of alternatives and is exceptionally simple to explore through. On the off chance that you are searching for a mod that is reduced, sturdy and offers a lot of individual settings, this is a gadget worth investigating. A bonus I’ll address rapidly that you can detract from this audit, is on the off chance that you pick one of these up you ought to make sure to utilize the prescribed wattage go in high mode to stay away from any consumed taste and abstain from harming the GT centers.

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