What Vaping Feels Like? Answers You Need to Know

You may have heard in the media that Vaping is the same as smoking. It is very different though. In fact all taste, the purest sensation of quality of Vaping, feeling of thickness to the highest volume has expired; Vaping is far superior to harmful tobacco smoke in every respect. But for someone who has never flown, what does the Vaping feel like? – wherein this vegetable glycerin, a constituent in the e-liquid, has the ability to capture the moisture content molecule when blowing through the skin, generally at room temperature or slightly cooler. In the mouth, the Vape feels much thinner compared to tobacco smoke. Vape also has no chemical taste like tobacco cigarettes: If you smoke, you probably do not smell or smoke chemicals because your body is used to it. However, once you give up or change to e-cigarettes, smell and taste are terrible. Even if you are no longer smokers, your senses will begin to heal after many years. Your sense of smell will be very strong, so expect to be disgusted when you feel someone smoking a cigarette in your area.

Personal Experience

One day I left Wal-Mart and smelled smoke, but I saw no one smoking. As I approached my car, I noticed a man smoking in front of my car. The wind drove the smoke in my direction as I left Wal-Mart and I was surprised that the smoke that had traveled so far was still so strong. The Vaping has a wet texture. Suppose you smoke again as soon as you switch to electronic cigarette, you can cough by inhaling the vapor. The reason is that you normally do not breathe the vapor out of the wet feeling and your body naturally works with a gag / cough reflex. Your respiratory system is used to tobacco smoke and if you remember it, your body behaved the same way you never smoked a cigarette before.

General Observation of Exhaling Vape

Although some juices contain water, it is a small part of its volume. But PG is highly hygroscopic, and I think VG also draw water from our bodies while we exhale the e-juice, eliminating the need for heavy fumes to protect us from dehydration. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that our exhaled vapor has a high water content (of our body). And the vaporized PG could deliver the nuclei for the condensation. If you can clean the air of all dust particles and other condensation cores, you can cover the air with water and not form clouds (fog). A surface (dust) is required for condensation.

With a glass of ice-cream in your mouth, exhale a pulmonary vapor. The resulting cloud is much more than you will only see with clean, expired air. However, I am not quite sure what that means in terms of their discussion, except that our vaporizer has a high water content and that contact with the coldness of the drink causes it to condense. Water vapor is, as you have noticed, no visible gas. Extremely clean air contains at least 100 dust particles per cubic centimeter. Usually clean air, up to 1000 particles. The city air can contain 5 to 6 thousand dust particles per cubic centimeter.


The presence of PG vapor is not necessary for the formation of “fog”. But its hygroscopic properties probably contribute to the water content of our exhaled air. The process of getting the liquid into the e-cigarette is called evaporation, and the evaporation liquid is made of propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, in my case propylene glycol. In addition to nicotine and aromas, with the combination of these substances called e-liquid or e-juice, I think the correct term would evaporate e-liquid or e-juice would have evaporated. Typically, mist is generated by spraying water and glycol or glycerol based liquids, or by spraying mineral oil, often referred to as misty sap. When the machine comes into contact with the moisture of the outside air, the vapor condenses, resulting in visible cloudiness.

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