10 Vape Mod Tips: Safety Dos and Don’ts

If you want to keep your beloved vaping mod safe and functional in long-term, it is important to always remember a few things and do some minor maintenance now and then. For most people, mod usage can seem pretty obvious, but, let’s be honest, sometimes we just do things in the wrong way. This article is not about some incomprehensible rules or sophisticated techie stuff, we are just reminding you the basics.

10 Vape Mod Tips: Safety Dos and Don’ts


  1. Don’t overtighten your clearomizer. We all know what happens when we overtighten a screw ’ most probably we have to get a new one. It’s the same with your vaping gear ’ in worst case scenario, you will have to buy a new clearomizer or/and even a new mod.
  2. Don’t use damaged batteries. No comments are needed here. Same as with every other electronic device that uses batteries, check your power source and make sure that it is not damaged, incorrectly inserted in the mod (when using 18650 type batteries, always check the polarity), and that there is no weird things going on with it.
  3. Don’t “burn” it. Do not keep your mod in direct sunlight or in extremely hot places. Keep this in mind especially when leaving your vaping device in your car in a hot summer day ’ the temperatures can get extremely high there in such conditions, and it is definitely not good for your mod. Extremely low temperatures like -20 C or less can break your mod, too.
  4. Don’t allow direct water contact. This is pretty much a standard for all electronic devices, and I’m sure that everybody who is in their right mind will keep their favourite vaping device far away from water. Let’s just not forget that water can really kill your mod.
  5. Don’t drop it. Although vapers have found some mods very durable, better don’t take a chance and test your device by dropping it on the floor. It’s actually a nice idea to get some kind of protective gear for it, for example, a leather sleeve or a case, which can also make your mod ’ and, of course, you ’ look even hotter.


  1. Use the recommended and correct charging equipment from your supplier. Better don’t try to use your phone adapter. In the worst case scenario, you will have to buy a new charger for the phone, a new mod and, of course, a new cable for charging the mod.
  2. Buy from a reputable company and store. If you want to be sure that your product will work properly without any problems, better trust experienced companies, stores and people. The guy on the street who offers a too-good-to-be-true type deal might be selling a second-hand mod, or a broken/non-authentic one. So better get your vaping gear only from trusted companies.
  3. Charge your mod on a hard surface. And, of course, don’t allow it to hang on the charging cable. This can easily break the cable, and you will have to get a new one.
  4. Turn off your mod when you don’t vape. I think that it’s understandable to turn off an electronic device if you don’t use it, except your phone, of course, and maybe a tablet. Or, what works with many other devices, we put them in sleep mode, so they are kind of turned off. So, if you actually never use the on/off function on your vaping mod, it might be consuming power even while you don’t use it. Besides, if it is not turned off, you might accidentaly turn it on, for example, while it’s sitting in your pocket. Of course, it is your choice how to use your mod, and there certainly are some people who don’t turn their devices off simly because they don’t like to be bothered by turning them on again, but, if you prefer to keep your mod’s overall health in a great shape, it is advisable to turn it off.

Please share your experience. Personally, I turn my mod off. Always.

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  1. Clean your mod. Don’t forget to clean not only your clearomizer and mouthpiece, but also your mod from time to time. It might actually be very dirty, as you touch it very, very often. In fact, another device which has a similar fate ’ a TV remote ’ is scientifically proven to be one of the dirtiest everyday items. You can use moist/wet tissues to clean the larger surfaces of your mod, and take some cotton ear picks to carefully access the threading or vent holes ’ at least, this is what I like to do. I can also recommend alcohol wipes.

We hope that these simple guidelines were useful for you. Treat your mod well and don’t hesitate to share!

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