Will Vape Juice Stain Clothes? Removing Vape Stains from Clothes

Vaping is quickly taking over the traditional method of smoking a cigarette for many reasons. One of these reasons is the ease of use and getting the same results with less than half of the health risks and no or minimal ‘smoking smell’. This is mainly because a vape works without burning anything – the vaping liquid present within the vape simply vaporizes to give the desired effect. However, one of the major problems faced by vape users is when, because of some mishap, the vape juice spills over the clothes of the user. If this has happened to you, you know that the stain left behind from a vape juice spillage can leave behind a pretty messy and unwanted stain. Read on to get an idea of how to perfectly remove this stain and how to avoid future accidents.

How to Successfully Eliminate Vape Stains:

Before we get into the specifics of stain removal, let’s divide the type of e-juice into two broad categories: the e-juice with resin and the one without. For e-juice that contains resin, the stain will be tougher to remove. It will probably require the use of solvent, like you would do with a tea or wine stain.

However, if the e-juice does not contain resin the stain should be pretty easy to remove, especially if it is dealt with instantly. To start off this process, take a clean wash cloth and wet with water. Next, take the wet wash cloth and gently dab the stained area. The reason why it is recommended to gently dab instead of run aggressively is to ensure that the juice does not further seep in to the fabric instead of coming off. Let the cloth dry and check for any remaining stains, if the stain persists the next step is to go into it with a mild detergent, was the cloth and rub a small amount of detergent and clean as you normally would.

Propylene glycol is the main ingredient in the vape juice that causes stains. Since this is an oil based item, a dish washing soap or liquid works best as it has been designed for greasy stains. If the stain does not go away with using this, then the next reason could be the color pigmentation in the vape juice causing the stain. To remove this, the best method is to for a detergent that has bleach, or use bleach right away. However, make sure that you use the appropriate washing material if you fear the color of the clothes will get bleached off as well.

However, if the spill is on something that cannot be washed easily, such as your rug or carpet, the best way to go about it is to use the age old vinegar and baking soda trick. To do this, first apply some vinegar on the area that has been stained. Next, pour baking soda over the vinegar. When the two react, you will notice the baking soda drying up and pulling the stain with it. The baking soda can then be brushed off the rug or carpet.

Avoiding spills altogether:

Keeping the above in mind, the best way to actually remove vape juice stains is to ensure there are no stains in the first place. The biggest reason for vape juice spillage is not filling up the container correctly. Make sure that you read all the instructions correctly or get some help if you don’t know how to fill the container. Secondly, remember that after filling the container, to check the rubber strap that holds the vape tightly – overuse of the vape can lead to damaged rubber straps that can cause stains.

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