Blush Gold JUUL

What is JUUL or Juuling? Is It Vaping?

For cigarette smokers, vaping has appeared as the new and improved alternative both in terms of easier use and improved health benefits. JUUL, which is essentially a type of vape, is a simple of use e-cigarette that has been designed for users that are looking for something that resembles a cigarette, in terms of size […]

Does Vape Juice Freeze

Does Vape Juice Freeze? Find The Answers!

When the cold temperature approaches, it is natural for regular vapers to start worrying about how their vapes will be effected by the decreasing temperatures. This is important for everyone that lives in cold conditions or is planning on taking a vacation in a colder area because it explains why their vaping experience might be […]

A Complete Guide About How To Vape

A Complete Guide About How To Vape

Confused About How To Vape? Have you come to know that Vaping is the best replacement for smoking but Vaping appears to be confusing? Don’t lose hope. We are going to guide you through it. You first need to go through the experience of Vaping, just like Matrix, in order to completely understand it. First of […]

cbd and driving

CBD and Driving – Can You Drive While Taking CBD?

In the USA, the legalization of marijuana has recently been rumored in the media. People recognize the tremendous potential of CBD to relieve pain and nausea, reduce epileptic seizures, and help treat many different diseases. With the growing interest in cannabis, a topic that gets more attention will be the legality of driving under its […]

Vaping Organization

Top Vaping Organizations Which Stand For Vaping!

In an inspirational show of unity, four major national Vape defense organizations have joined forces to support the recently introduced HR 1136 bill, the FDA Authority’s 2017 Assessment Clarification Act, recently presented by agents Tom Cole of Oklahoma and Sanford Bishop of Georgia. Supporters of the (CASAA), the American Vaping Association (AVA), the Association of […]