Vaping Orange Juice – Can I Vape Fruit Juice?

Those who Vape for a long time may be tired of spending money regularly on e-liquid (or e-juice) to fill their Vape pens. Some may even have ideas of flavors that have never been tested before. If it’s you, maybe it’s the moment when you learn the art of making your own e-liquid. Mixing your own e-juice can be fun or frustrating, depending on how much knowledge you have. If this is the first time that you do that, or if you have already tried, but have failed, step by step instructions makes use of Vape juice as a reference to help you through the world of e-Liquid DIY. It’s fun and you can even save money. Can I Vape fruit Juice? – Of course NOT, but read below how to make your own e-juice with orange taste! You have to make sure you have the right ingredients and the right mixing tools. Although the chemistry involved is simple and does not involve any of the fly, you must always practice proper safety.

It’s Easier Than You Think

It’s good if you’re wondering how to do the Vape juice and imagine an old scientist like Einstein, in a dark lab, mixing volatile chemicals, surrounded by strange lab equipment (which has seen better days) with a loud noise of something cooking in the background. But that’s far from reality, as well as the e-juice is simple, but may vary the result of liquid you want to immediately jump into the drain to the tastiest ever seen juice or whatever in between? According to the desired amount, you can learn to do e-juice anywhere in the kitchen or in the garage, but you will need some special ingredients and equipment. Almost everything we mention in this guide is available both online and in stores.

How To Make Vape Juice In 5 Easy Steps:

  • Prepare The Nicotine

Here are some math skills that need to calculate the volume needed to make nicotine e-liquid to reach the desired percentage. Since nicotine was diluted, its concentration in mg and the total volume of e-juice used to calculate the required amount of nicotine. You can also use an online calculator or a Smartphone app to make your life easier. Too much nicotine can be a disaster, then add a little less than recommended by your juice calculator or e-juice, then add the mixture after soaking to taste. If the nicotine content is enough for you, but you still want more shots on your neck, help add a few drops of vodka. It does not take much; About one to five percent will be enough.

  • Prepare The Taste

From here comes your skills and your happiness, especially if you want to create a new taste. In addition, this step can make or break the electronic juice and deserves its highest attention. You can use a taste or mix different flavors. For beginners, however, we recommend starting with just one or two flavors and then starting from there. The trial and error is the only approach to make e-liquid, but usually slightly less flavor than the recommended e-juice recipe calculator or add. It’s best to start with less taste than ruin everything by adding too much. After soaking, make a taste test and add flavor to taste. Unless you are sure what you are doing, never add more flavor than 10% of the total volume of the final product.

In addition, artificial flavors are extremely complicated and may behave differently when used with other flavors or chemicals. For example, if you add a recommended amount of flavor to your e-liquid, but you feel nothing, the addition of too much flavor will usually not work, or it may even be counterproductive to wash the taste. Mixing flavors makes it even more complicated because the final taste can be completely different than expected.

  • Prepare The Base

You can choose any VG / PG mix according to your recipe, but it is usually between 50/50 and 80/20. Keep in mind that diluted nicotine usually contains PG or VG levels. So be sure to consider this volume.

  • Mix The Mixture

When everything is ready, mix it in a bottle and shake it, and I mean, I shake it like most electronic juices (especially VG electronic juices) are very thick and you need a bit of stirring to mix them properly. ingredients

  • Steep

Pull it or not, it’s a personal preference. Most electronic juices will taste better when soaked, as well as aged wine. You can try your fresh e-liquid after experimenting with how to make Vape juice. If you know very well and meet your expectations, you can skip this step. Basically nothing but oxidizing the ingredients of your juice is a process whereby you can use the juice of the e-juice for a while in a cool, dark place. There is no predefined period, for example how long the juice needs to be impregnated, but it can take a few days or even months. Once again, the denser components will eventually settle on the floor, so you’ll need to shake them from time to time.

Ideally, you should leave the lid closed and allow oxygen to circulate and make sure that volatile liquids such as alcohol evaporate in the air. Some sporadically place the bottles in hot water, which can speed up the soaking process. Another technique involves the use of a coffee mug or a slow cooker that can dump liquid in a matter of days instead of weeks. In this case, however, you must check the water level regularly.

After soaking, not only the taste but also the color of the juice changes due to the oxidation of nicotine. Instead of a pale, colorless or clear color you can see a more attractive, yellowish or even light brown color. In fact, a color change is a sign that your juice is soaked properly. When it comes to soaking, there is nothing absolute. To better soak, you need two things: patience and experimentation. The process is long and monotonous, but the result is worth it.

The goal of learning how to make Vape juice is to try something new that nobody has tried before. But to give you a good start, here are some recipes that I personally made and that I’m proud of. In fact, since the process is exactly the same, we will list only the ingredients here.

Tips For A Good Tasting of Vape Juice:

  • If you would go with just one tip of this complete article, be it: Take notes on every measurement and every step you make while making an e-juice. Many users have expressed how they once created the perfect combination, but they can never repeat themselves because they never took note of the proportions and quantities.
  • Go online, there are several social portals to share fruit juice recipes, where you can learn from others and share their great recipes.
  • Try using flavors instead of using traditional flavors.
  • If you are making e-juice for the first time, do not do much or do not do much. Since the production of a large amount of electronic juice can be a costly disaster, while very few leaves are obtained, a very small margin of error is obtained, as a smaller variation in the amount can have a greater impact.
  • If you want a big throat, add more PG.
  • If you want dense clouds of steam, but want a gentle punch on the neck, add more VG.
  • High VG Electronic Fluids are better for sub-ohm Vape because they not only provide larger clouds but also VG’s as they are more viscous and require more heat from the evaporator.
  • Treat nicotine safely. Make sure that children and pets do not have access to your “lab,” as nicotine can be toxic if ingested.

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